What are my payment options?


Online and telephone banking

Online and telephone banking is available through most major banks. Log onto your bank’s Internet banking website, or call your bank for more details. Under your bill payee list, add ‘Elite Insurance Company’. You can find your account number on the upper right-hand corner of your invoice.

Pre-Authorized Chequing plan (PAC)*

PAC is an easy way to pay for your insurance through automatic monthly withdrawals from your bank account.

  • It’s convenient – you save time and there are no cheques to write, or envelopes to mail.
  • There’s no pressure to make a large lump sum payment when you apply or renew.
  • You can manage your budget with smaller monthly payments.

*A 3% finance charge applies to all premiums processed on the PAC plan.

By cheque or money order

Send a cheque for the full policy term. Full payment is due on the date that the policy starts (called the "Effective Date"). For installment plans, more information here.   

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