Top 14 Must-Have Tools for Full-Time RVers

Written by Teresa Harrington on February 05, 2018

Once you commit to living the full-time RV life, maintenance is something that should become a top priority. Just like your home, your RV will need plenty of TLC as you travel around the country. Luckily, with the right tools at hand, you can complete most of your regular RV maintenance on your own and prepare for any emergency situations while you’re out on the open road. So, what are the essential tools that all full-timers should carry?

Instead of lugging around a toolbox full of items you’ll never use, consolidating your kit down to a few must-have pieces will give you more room for other important items and simplify your repair process.

  1. Torque Wrench
    This vital tool is used most often pre-trip to set the right amount of lug torque on the trailer wheels and occasionally on the truck lug nuts. Every month or so, your torque wrench can also be used to check the torque on your hitch, wheel pin box and suspension bolts.
  2. Socket Set
    Your basic metric/SAE socket set is a super useful item that makes for a great addition to any tool set as it comes in handy in a variety of simple repairs to your RV.
  3. Tire Gauge
    Keep your RV safe from blowouts and save on fuel by using your tire gauge daily to ensure proper inflation of each tire on your rig.
  4. Multimeter
    A high-quality auto-ranging multimeter tool is ideal to test batteries, RV park power pedestals and fuses.
  5. Multi-Bit Screwdriver
    A standard multi-bit screwdriver is one of those tools that can easily live in your toolbox or junk drawer at home and quickly become one of your go-to tools for everyday repairs.
  6. Needle Nose Pliers
    Great for getting into small nooks and crannies, needle nose pliers give your hands an extra level of precision when completing a variety of tasks.
  7. Lineman Pliers
    This handy tool features a serrated jaw that can easily bite down hard to give you a firm grip on things as you complete your repairs. Built-in side cutters and U-shaped jaws are also great for removing stripped bolts and screws.
  8. Channel-Lock Pliers
    These pliers are great for many different repairs around the RV. Use them for plumbing repairs, working campground spigots with missing handles and much more!
  9. Wireless Drill
    The screws and bolts that hold your RV together are constantly being stressed on the road. A wireless drill allows you to quickly address any loose ends to keep your rig “road ready” at all times.
  10. EternaBond Roof Sealing Tape
    Water is a big threat to your RV and this tape is here to protect against the elements. If you spring a leak, this tape works quickly and unlike bottled sealants, it can even be applied in the rain!
  11. Zip Ties
    From stringing together wires to keeping random items from jiggling around as you drive, zip ties can be a life-saver.
  12. Hex Key Set
    A good hex key set is another affordable essential that will come in handy with everything from minor to major repairs on your RV.
  13. Utility Knife
    This all-around cutting tool will always stay sharp thanks to a smart design that features snap-off blades.
  14. LED Flashlight
    LED flashlights provide a brighter light and last much longer than your traditional flashlight.

Travel Smart and Safely with a Well-Stocked Tool Kit

One of the greatest things about full-time RVing is the fact that you don’t always know what to expect on the road. But getting caught without the right tools can put a damper on all of your fun, so be sure to pack a toolkit that will help to save the day!


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