Must-Have Gear for the Winter Season

Written by Teresa Harrington on January 15, 2018

While for most, winter is a time to hibernate indoors and put the RV and camping gear away, for some, it’s just another reason and season to head into the wild outdoors. The adventures range from skiing and snowmobiling to camping and hiking. Cold as it is, this winter wonderland of ours is very liveable and enjoyable if you have the right gear. Keep reading to discover our must-have gear for the winter season.

Shelter - The Nomadic Chalet

Winter can be dangerous without protection from the elements. The basic needs mean a quality tent that will stand up to both subzero temps and driving winds. Consider:

Other top needs include emergency supplies such as reflective blankets.

Cozy Sleeping

Start with a good base and build upward. Consider:

Don't forget a few creature comforts either like tent slippers that actually keep your feet warm in the dead of winter.

Cooking Stoves

Many types of fuels freeze in the cold weather so find a camp stove that is rated for winter use. White gas is one fuel source that handles the cold like a champ. Consider:

Quality Backpack Made for Winter Adventures

A good winter backpack not only keeps your gear dry it provides easy access to key tools and resources. Consider:

There is a huge range of backpacks designed for winter use and many are adventure specific. Beyond their ability to hold your gear and keep it dry, a quality winter backpack should be comfortable and not impede your mobility in winter conditions including high winds and deep snow.

Clothing for Winter Adventures

Base Layers for Sub-Zero Temperatures

Build your winter outfits by starting with quality base-layers that not only help keep you warm but help keep moisture out. Consider:

Outer Layers

A cold weather wardrobe starts with base layers that keep heat in and moisture out. Pair these with quality mid-layers such as wool shirts or thermal long sleeve shirts, wear a light sweater or larger outer shirt over it, and top off with a cold weather rated jacket. Add in snow pants, gloves and boots with cold weather socks and you are almost set.

Comfort Add-ons for Winter Sports

Don't forget the basics that protect and enhance your winter adventures. These include:

  • Sunscreen
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Waterproof hats and gloves

Gear to Pack for Winter

  • Communication equipment for emergencies and checking the weather
  • Navigation such as GPS is a must
  • First aid kit for winter which should always include a heat reflective blanket, beacon, and tools that help rescuers find you in the snow

Winters offer just as much adventure as summer does. So, as long as you prepare for the cold and extreme weather, you can enjoy the best of remote hiking and camping, snowmobiling, skiing, boarding, snowshoeing, and cross-country adventures.

*Note: Please note that we do not endorse the products mentioned and they were used strictly for convenience purposes to aid in your search for finding the right winter camping gear. All transactions are strictly between you and the seller.


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