Gift Ideas for RVers

Written by Teresa Harrington on December 03, 2017

It's not easy to find the right gifts for friends and family members, but this task is particularly difficult when RV enthusiasts are involved. Dedicated RVers spend much of their time downsizing; they don't want to be weighed down by clutter or bulky items. The wrong gift could be little more than a burden for anyone who prefers a life of RV minimalism. Thankfully, practical options abound. Keep the following gift ideas in mind as you start shopping for your favorite RVer:

Camp Stove Phone Charger

Mobile devices make life easier on the road, but smartphones tend to run out of juice quickly, and car chargers only accomplish so much. Although RVers typically enjoy access to power, there's something appealing about a charging system that transforms primitive elements into electricity. BioLite manufactures an excellent camp stove charger, which simultaneously heats water, cooks meals, and charges phone batteries.

Thermal Gun

Drastic weather changes are part and parcel with RV travel, but quick increases or reductions in temperature can lead to overheating tires and a variety of other problems. A thermal gun makes it easy to check tire, fridge, and freezer temperatures. Thermal guns also check cooking temperatures and are therefore ideal for on-the-go meal preparation.

Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

Mobile weather apps are only so reliable, and sometimes, an immediate temperature reading is essential. Indoor/outdoor digital thermometers allow RV travellers to check the weather outside while remaining comfortable inside. Users can then dress accordingly before they head out into the heat or bitter cold. Remote sensors can transmit up to several hundred feet, ensuring the most accurate reading possible.

Gifts Cards for Coffee Shops or Fast Food Restaurants

After a long day on the road, the last thing an RV vacationer wants is to prepare dinner and wash dishes. Restaurant gift cards come in handy during lengthy road trips; ideally, these cards will cover large restaurant chains, such as Subway or McDonald's. Starbucks and Tim Hortons gift cards are also highly appreciated, especially when drivers desperately need caffeine.

Portable Gas Grill

RV kitchens are convenient, but smells tend to linger and equipment can be tough to clean. Portable gas grills allow RV owners to bring the fun of backyard grilling on the road. Many portable models come with telescoping stands, which are ideal for locations lacking picnic tables or other surfaces.

Wine Glass Holder

Camp chairs accommodate beer and soda cans nicely, but sadly, the same cannot be said for wine glasses. Deliver a more sophisticated experience to remote settings with help from a handy wine glass holder, which comes with a strap or clip for camp chairs, or a stake for picnics.

RV GPS System

Google Maps doesn't always cut it for RV travellers, who face obstacles unheard of than typical drivers. Specialized GPS systems take these difficulties into account, mapping out routes that minimize stress for RV drivers. Many models allow users to enter vehicle-specific information, such as RV height and weight.

From thermal guns to wine glass holders, great gifts exist for every type of vacationer. Your beloved RV enthusiast will be touched by your thoughtfulness and eager to test out his or her new gadgets on the open road.

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